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I prefer to communicate via email Contact Wolfgang The Gun Doctor Via Email to reduce wasting time playing "phone tag".  The only reason I don't reply to an email is that I don't get it. Most folks seem surprised to find out that email tends to get lost at about the same rate as regular mail, probably more so.

I realize that sometimes it is necessary to call (503) 429-7342 and that is fine, but you'll probably get a quicker response if you can email.  If you call, speak slowly, distinctly and state your phone number at least twice, preferably near the beginning and end of the message. You'd be surprised at how many folks assume I'm somehow clairvoyant when it comes to phone numbers; I'm not.  The only reason I don't reply to a voice mail is that I can't understand it.

Sometimes I don't answer quite as quickly as I would like when I get swamped, but you should generally expect an answer or at least acknowledgement by the end of the next business day. If not, it's probably for one of the reasons listed in the previous paragraphs, so don't hesitate to re-send or re-call.

Mailing Address:

TGD (or Wolfgang Rotbart)

60690 Stoney Point Rd.

Vernonia, OR 97064

(See "Repair/Shipping Info" Link before shipping Firearms)